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At PentaLock we believe every bike should look and feel as it was intended to; look sleek, be hassle free and give a joyful experience. We want to make products that suits the bike, while keeping you and the bike safe.

Emil Norup

CEO & Co-Founder

“For me it is important that our solution offer unique selling points to all actors in the bicycle value chain, from users, bicycle manufacturers to insurance companies.”

Thomas Martin Jessen

CTO & Co-Founder

“For me it is important that we differ from our competitors, not just developing a bigger, stronger or louder version, but instead focusing on removing the motive for theft in the first place.”

Jesper Mortensen

Mechanical Engineer

“I am intrigued by the elegance of an integrated lock solution, that’s mechanically simple and reliable, yet sophisticated in its defense against thieves.”

Casper Knudsen

Embedded System Engineer

“The possibility to really solve a problem, which has seen a myriad of more or less effective solution attempts, is what drives me when developing the product!”

Our board

Peter Havéus

Peter Havéus

Chairman of the Board & Co-Owner

Jens Ole Østergaard

Jens Ole Østergaard

Board Member

More joining soon..

More joining soon..

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