PL1 - Immobilizer

Break the lock, break the bike

understand the magic

Fits all

PL1 is designed for any bicycle; no matter the type, design or manufacturer as the bikes are ‘born’ with the system during the production process.

Top Features

GPS Tracking

If stolen or lost, the bicycle can be located through our tracking solution. Furthermore, the technology gives us the possibility to offer solutions like customer services, e.g. tracking, notify when stolen or lost, open/lock over the internet, phone control through the app or fitness tracker.

Intelligent Alarm System

To ensure peace of mind when you leave your bike, an intelligent alarm system is located inside the PL-1. This means that if someone tries to steal your bike, a 100db alarm will go off. The alarm is intelligent in a way that it can identify and measure the difference between someone stealing it or just moving a bit.

Integrated Lock

PentaLock is like no other lock on the market, our solution is designed especially for bike-manufacturers, it can easily be fitted into any existing bike model/design. The solution is designed with both security and user in mind.

Proximity Key

The key can be kept in your pocket or backpack, and upon approaching the bike, the security system automatically identifies the key and unlocks the bike. When walking away from the bike, the system automatically locks itself. PentaLock open/lock in less than 1 second and combined with our proximity key they user will never have to wait for it to open/lock, unlike the aftermarket smart locks.

Locking Mechanism

The security system makes it difficult for thieves to steal the bike, and as the PL-1 is both a crank box and lock, then it is impossible to break/cut without destroying a vital part of the bicycle. Our solution is unique in the way that it is integrated/born with the bike, this makes it extremely difficult and unpractical to steal and impossible to sell or use afterwards.

Light Weight

The integrated lock is a vital part of the bicycle, both for safety and functionality of the bike. As there is no need for any other lock to be used on, the weight of the bike is no further effected and that without a doubt makes bikes with PentaLock system much more lighter than most of the other traditional locks available at the market.

It just looks so awesome

The lock itself contains various technologies that make the entire process absolutely flawless. The seamless integration into the bicycle frame, allows the lock to be subtle yet extremely effective and exclusive.

secret sauce

Our unique solution is currently patent pending and therefore protected for the next period of time..

Easy and quick to assemble

The whole process of mounting it in between the pedals was carefully taken into account during the development phase. The lock offers a simple and easy way to be assembled during a production phase by a manufacturer.

The Box

PentaLock Box is a complete package for both the user and the manufacturer that contains everything necessary.

The 2 proximity keys can be used to share the bike or as a back up option.

The charging cable is there to make sure you can recharge your battery easily by yourself.

The licence and quick manual is all you need to to ride the bike right away.

The battery is rechargeable and on a full charge it can last for more than a year under normal usage conditions.

The crank is the key element and our unique security solution for your bike.

The connecting cable is there to connect both the crank and the battery inside the bike frame.


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