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Will my bike break if a thief attempts to steal it?

No, the bike does not break unless a thief tries to cut the locking unit, with an anglegrinder or other type of powertool. You don’t have to worry about getting back to your bike finding it broken, as this does not just happen without alot of effort.

Is it possible to mount on my existing bicycle?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The PL1-Immobilizer is designed to be born with the bike from the manufacturer, this is to ensure the highest level of security and design.

What happens if I drop my key while riding my bike?

Don’t worry! The system will never lock unless the bike is not moving, worst case the bike will lock when your are waiting for the stop light to turn.

How much does it weigh?

The PL1-Immobilizer weighs an extra 556 grams. For comparison, a regular frame lock weighs 650 grams and a chain lock more than 900 grams.

How long will the battery last?

The battery used by the PL1-Immobilizer will last 1-2 years depending og the amount of usage. The battery in the keyfob will last 2-3 years. 

How do I charge the battery?

The PL1-Immobilizer has a ‘battery pack’ in the seat tube of the bike, it contains 3x AA Batteries. All you need is an allen key, loose and remove the seatpost, take out the ‘battery pack’ and replace the 3x AA Batteries. Put it back in, and you are ready to go for the next couple of years.

Is the lock insurance approved?

Not yet, but we are working on it! One of our current partners is an insurance company, and we will hopefully obtain an insurance approval in DK soon.

Security Related Questions:

Is it possible to hack?

No, our system has build in security chips and uses constantly chaning encrypted private and public keys to ensure that no one can copy the signal and make their own key. 

How does the alarm work?

As it is not possible to see if the bike is locked, we developed a smart alarm, which only goes off when a thief tries to steal the bike. It is designed in such way thay the alarm doesnt go off becuase of wind or people just bumping into the bike when parked. If someone touches your bike a notefication ‘BEEP’ will make them aware that this bike is protected. BUT if a thief ignores the notefication beep and tries to sneak off with your bike, a 100db alarm will go off, alerting the sorroundings. Hopefully the thief will leave your bike alone. We got you covered!

I heard about cars having problems with wireless key theft, is this a problem?

We are not experts within the different ways that carmakers secure their wireless technology, but this is not a problem in our system. As we use both security chips in the crank unit aswell as the keyfobs, furthermore we encrypt, cipher and hash our public/private keys to make it near impossible to sniff and copy. Furthermore, why steal a bike if you have the expensive tools to steal cars or credit card information?

What happens if I remove the battery?

It stays locked no matter if you remove the battery, the same goes if it runs out of juice.

What if a thief gets the custom removal tool?

No worries, the custom removal tool is only made to remove and replace the unit, not unlock/break it. The lock unit still needs to be cut open, and this is where a thief will break a vital part of the bike if done so. Furthermore a thief would still need to break a visible seal to get it out, and its still impossible to replace the unit with a normal crank.

Can I buy a new crank and put in instead?

No, it is not possible to buy a standard crank unit and just replace the locking unit, only the PentaLock PL1-Immobilizer fits the crank!

What if the thief has a van?

If the bike with a PL1-Immobilizer is thrown inside a van, the alarm would go off as soon as it registers a theft is being attempted. It would make alot of noice in the back of the van. And when the thief gets home he would still need to break the lock, which would take a long time, and in the end would leave the bike useless and therefore unsellable. So he just wasted a lot of time on nothing, but sadly for you this would mean that your bike is gone, sorry. 


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