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Our accomplishments and proud moments

Patent Pending

We filed our patent on March 10th 2018 to the Danish Patent Office – and is therefore currently Patent Pending.

Functional Prototype

We have a fully functional prototype, where both electronics and mechanics works perfectly. We are currently optimizing the solution.


We have some of the best partnerships around! One of the largest danish insurance companies and bike manufacturer, who will help us achieve our goals!


We have our first angel investor on board!  We are currently looking for more, to strengthen our core competences, knowledge and network.

Soft Money

Several large funds have given us soft money, their support and network to boost our development because they believe in our idea. We are very grateful!

Positive Feedback

We have shown our product to all actors; insurance companies, bike manufactures, users/cyclists, thieves, etc. And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!


Start of a journey

Our vision: that every bike should look and feel as it was intended; to look sleek, be hassle free and give a joyful experience. We wanted to make a product that suited the bike, while keeping you and it safe.

Early 2016

Prototype version 1

Completed the first prototype used to test and further develop the product.

Mid 2016

Startup program: Innovative Growth

We were one of the few companies to complete this intensive program. We received sparring, counselling and financial support.

Early 2017

Startup incubator: InnoFounder

We were accepted into the prestigious incubator at Innovation Fund Denmark and received 650.000 DKK in soft funding.

Mid 2017

Prototype version 2

Completed the second fully functional prototype, made in metal and build into a bike frame.

Late 2017

First Investor

Our first investor joined! Bringing both money, knowledge and network. Giving us the support needed to kickstart the next phase.

Early 2018

Patent Pending

The leading IP Law Firm in Scandinavia helped us write and file our mechanical solution – making our product ‘Patent Pending’.

Early 2018

Partnership: Kildemoes

We partnered up with the largest bike manufacturer in Denmark, to test and make the product even better! A huge step in the way of stopping bike theft.

Mid 2018

Partnership: Alm. Brand

We partnered up with the most innovative insurance company in Denmark, to test and obtain an insurance approval, in the near future.

Mid 2018

Funding ‘InnoBooster’

We received 500.000 DKK in soft funding from Innovation Fund Denmark, this helped us scale up the man power! More people joining the team and the fight.

Mid 2018



We are currently working hard to finish the development and test our product, to ensure a high-quality product – which you and your bike deserves!


Looking for investors

We are starting to look for new investors and partners, to join our quest and inject more capital into the company – for us to scale and deliver even faster.

Late 2018

Beta test

We will test our solution on the street together with our partners to test the product and prove the efficiency! Stay tuned and let us know, if you would like to take part in the test.

Mid 2019


We will be launching our product! Bike thieves needs to start looking for new job opportunities.

Late 2019

Big plans for the next journey

Day by day we are moving forward in the development of the product and we are expecting some major improvements in the upcoming months.


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