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    Bike security for manufacturers

    PentaLock is a fully integrated locking solution made for bike manufacturers. The purpose is to make it easy and convenient to secure and lock your bike, without any hassle. PentaLock is equipped with unique features and gives the bike an explicit design. PentaLock got your back, when you are not there, and the system will lock down the bike completely. This means blocking pedals from spinning and shutting down the e-bike motor, display, lights and controller, which is why your customers are safe with a PentaLock integrated. This, since our mission is to create a long-term value for bike owners on all dimensions.

    Why choosing PentaLock

    PentaLock started as a vision to stop bike theft and is subsequently grown to a brand that helps creating new value to the customers of bike manufactors. This is done by preventing the bikes from getting stolen by integrating a locking system, controlled by a wireless key and protected with a 100dB alarm system, that will scare off any thief who tries to move or touch the bike. PentaLock is designed as an essential part of the bike, meaning thieves can’t break or cut the lock of the bike without leaving the bike useless and therefore unsellable – and who wants to steal a bike they can’t use or sell?


    Easy to secure

    High security



    Preventing bike thefts

    When integrating PentaLock into your brand, you are secured in every possible way. In the building process, the team took a look at how other companies prevent bike thefts. Choosing a lock from other companies, you will often get a locking system that tries to stop the thief from the bike – but with the right tool it takes no more than 30 seconds, butting even the best chain. That is why the team behind PentaLock has collaborated with a former professional bike thief and found out that if you have to stop the thief then he should not be able to use a bike, as the bike is thus unsaleable. That is where PentaLock is differentiating and what makes the lock special and indispensable.

    The PL-immobilizer

    The locking system consists of a PL-immobilizer and the purpose of the PL-immobilizer range is to secure bikes from being stolen. It is designed as a bottom-bracket with locking, alarm and several other features. The idea is to make the lock into a vital part of the e-bike, meaning it can’t be cut or removed without leaving the bike useless. To achieve this the unit is integrated into the bike during the manufacturing process and the PL-immobilizer range can’t be after mounted. The reason for this, is, easy to after mount, then it is also easy for a thief to remove and replace to take ownership. Other than that, the PL-immobilizer is a vital part of the e-bike system, and can completely disable the e-bikes motor, controller, display, etc.