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    PentaLock for business

    A revolution for new bike security.

    Say hello to the next generation of bike security. PentaLock is a fully integrated locking solution made for bike manufacturers, that can easily be integrated into their existing brand. The purpose of PentaLock is to make it easy and convenient to secure and lock the bike, without the hassle of big chains and locks. PentaLock is equipped with unique features and gives the bike an explicit design. The aim is to create a long-term value for bike owners on all dimensions.

    A convenient wireless experience

    PentaLock is an effortless way to secure the bike, just with the push of a bottom.


    The PentaLock system

    With a PentaLock you can leave your bike with peace. PentaLock got your back, when you are not there, and the system will lock down the bike completely. This means blocking pedals from spinning and shutting down the e-bike motor, display, lights and controller. Furthermore, our 100dB alarm system will scare off any thief who tries to move or touch the bike. PentaLock is designed as an essential part of the bike, meaning thieves can’t break or cut the lock of the bike without leaving the bike useless and therefore unsellable – and who wants to steal a bike they can’t use or sell?

    Get high security with our anti theft mechanism

    It literally takes just a moment to learn how to use all the features and then you are ready for a ride of your life. Nothing gets through and with all the special features, the only possibility is to feel good about the safety of your bike. A simple touch from a stranger and sound alarm is going to sound loud and clear until the threat will be over.