The ultimate bike security system
inside the crank to prevent thefts

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The ultimate bike security system
inside the crank to prevent theft

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Fully integrated locking system in between the pedals ensuring high security, maximum convenience and a joyful experience. Highest quality and beautiful design makes this lock a perfect solution for the next generation of bikes.

High Security

Nothing gets through and with all the special features, you can feel good about the safety of your bike.

Easy To Use

It literally takes just a moment to learn how to use all the features and then you are ready for a ride of your life.

Fits All Bikes

No matter the type, manufacturer or design of the bike, this locking system can be used for all types of bicycles.

Anti Theft Mechanism

A simple touch from a stranger and sound alarm is going to sound loud and clear until the threat will be over.

We went to the cities of Denmark to find out,

what do people think about a bike that has a PentaLock system?

I have never experienced such a unique locking system on a bike before and how easy I could use it was just beyond my expectations. It works super great and it is totally flawless.

Henrik Mathias O.

24, everyday cyclist and university student

The lock is impossible to notice because it looks just like a regular bike, however, the hassle is gone and that is just awesome. Really impressed with all the features, especially the tracking and all this together for such a price, I think it is just perfect combination of value for money.

Simon C.

29, casual cyclist and business man

I will totally consider buying this bike, because it removes all the annoying hassle and makes my daily activities much easier. And the fact I don’t need to use a normal key, but proximity key in my pocket or wallet is just enough is so efficient and great that makes me like this product even more.

Karoline Luise T.

28, regular cyclist and entreprenuer

I can already see how this would make my life so much easier. I always need to search for a key while holding all my bags, so this proximity key would be just super helpful in a lot of different situations.

Maya Viola M.

23, casual cyclist and university student

I really like the product and the great thing is I can have my insurance on it as well. And the fact that this can be implemented on almost any bike model is just impressive. I also like the alarm sound system because it makes me feel safe about the bike even more.

Marcus N.

26, bike enthusiasts and developer

The best part of the concept is that if break the lock then you break the bike. This is a very important factor for me, because I believe this will keep the thieves away and my bike safe all the time. I also like that I can locate my bike if needed and be notified if something is happening to it. The battery life is just very impressive for all the features.

Peter Thomas A.

31, everyday cyclist and lawyer

There must be a reason for a cooperation with our partners,

so we asked them what makes our product so unique, that convinced them to support us?

Such a special product. Danielle Terp

Business Development Manager, Alm. Brand Insurance

It is awesome. Martin Petersen

Product & Sales Manager, Kildemoes

Exclusive member of InnoFounder

Denmarks most renowned incubator.

A life changing opportunity that pushed our development even further. Thanks to the financial support from InnoFounder we are now working on our model 3 and are preparing for the beta test in the upcoming months.


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