The ultimate bike security system
inside the crank to prevent thefts

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The ultimate bike security system inside the crank to prevent theft

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PL1 Immobilizer

Fully integrated locking system in between the pedals ensuring high security, maximum convenience and a joyful experience. Highest quality and beautiful design makes this lock a perfect solution for the next generation of bikes.

High Security

Nothing gets through and with all the special features, you can feel good about the safety of your bike.

Easy To Use

It literally takes just a moment to learn how to use all the features and then you are ready for a ride of your life.

Fits All OEMs

No matter wich manufacturer you are, this locking system will fit your bikes, no matter the type or design.

Anti Theft Mechanism

A simple touch from a stranger and sound alarm is going to sound loud and clear until the threat will be over.

We gave people a ride on a bike with PentaLock,

so what do people think about a our integrated security system?

“… I love the simplicity of the product. I especially found the bluetooth key to work beyond expectations, it works just like a new car today. I look forward to and would very much like to buy the product when it launches… “

Jesper O.

Age 28, Software Consultant, Copenhagen

“… when you first showed me the bike, I did not notice the integrated lock… This is such a cool product! I especially like that I wouldn’t need a chain lock, like the one I have on my bike today…”

Stephan A.

Age 27, Graphical Designer, Copenhagen

“… my bike was actually stolen a few weeks ago, I wish I had this product. When can I buy it?… I would really enjoy this when I go shopping for groceries,  and have a grocery bag in each hand, just get on the bike and off you go…”

Hanne T.

Age 47, Project Manager, Aalborg

“… for me it would be very transgressive to just walk away from the bike, without locking it, at least the first couple of times. My dad owns a car with the same type of keyless interaction, and he loves it! 

Trine M.

Age 23, Student, Århus

“… I don’t use my bike that often, I mostly use my bike to go to work when my wife or kids needs to use the car. I would like to get a bike like this, as it is really cool! it has cool features and the bike looks good with an integrated system…”

Henrik N.

Age 57, Department Manager, Copenhagen

“… I love the idea! I could see this become a popluar lock to use, especially because if stolen it can not be opened without breaking the bike. I have gotten four bikes stolen the last five years, so can I get this home with me now?…”

Mads-Peter A.

Age 31, Unemployed, Aalborg

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We are always on the lookout for new partners,

we asked our current partners, what convinced them to support us?

“We see PentaLock as an innovative and technically strong alternative to the more traditional bicycle locks. The combination of modern technology and theft security will certainly appeal to many cyclists – and make life harder for bicycle thieves.”

Danielle Terp

Business Development Manager, Alm. Brand Insurance


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