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    Get high security with the anti-theft bike lock

    The purpose of PentaLock is a lock system that blocks pedals from spinning and shutting down the e-bike motor, display, lights and controller, when the bike owner is not around. As an addition, the 100dB alarm system will scare off any thief who tries to move or touch the bike.

    It is a fully integrated locking solution made for bike manufacturers, that can easily be integrated into the existing brand. With a Pentalock integrated it is easy and convenient to secure and lock the bike, without the hassle of big chains and locks. It is impossible for thieves to replace or cut the lock, without breaking a vital part of the bike, which is an essential value added that makes it safer for your customers to park their bike.


    Added values

    With a PentaLock integrated, you can add new value for your customers.


    Fits all bikes

    No matter what manufacturer you are, this locking system will fit your bikes, no matter type or design.


    Easy to use

    It literally takes just a moment to learn how to use all the features and then you are ready for the ride of your life.


    High security

    Nothing gets through and with all the special features, you can feel good about the safety of your bike.


    Add more value for your customers with PentaLock

    The value creation

    The purpose of PentaLock is to make it easy and convenient to secure and lock your bike, without the hassle of big chains and locks. The PentaLock system has a unique feature, that connects the lock with the e-bike system. This makes it possible to disable the whole e-bike system including the controller, battery, motor and display, in case of theft. That means, the e-bike kill switch makes it safe to secure the bike.

    Other than that, PentaLock is equipped with unique features and gives the bike an explicit design. That means by integrating PentaLock in your brand, you get extra salespoints by creating long-time value in order to secure bike owners on all dimensions.

    One system fits all

    The PentaLock locking solution is made specifically for bicycle manufacturers. Easy and cheap to mount in the existing design, production and assembly line. No matter which manufacturer you are, this locking system will fit your bikes, since PentaLock is a locking system, any bike manufacturer can integrate, no matter what type or design, you produce. The lock is placed between the pedals and ensures high security, maximum convenience and a joyful experience for your customers.

    A convenient wireless experience

    PentaLock is an effortless way to secure the bike, just with the push of a botton.


    An easy way to secureness

    No more hassle locking the bike. PentaLock keyless bike lock is easy to use, all it takes is one push of a button to lock or unlock the bike. The smart bike lock is an innovative way to ensure your customers are safe no matter what. The locking system will register when the bike owner is not near and will automatically lock, which prevents the bike from being stolen.

    Other than that, PentaLock also delivers API (Bluetooth 5.0), which makes it possible to use an app. This means PentaLock is an obvious solution to get a convenient and secure locking system integrated into your bikes.